Temporary Fencing When You Need It

We know as well as you do that temporary fencing in NZ is only required from time to time. It’s an expensive exercise for you to buy fencing that you won’t need on a regular basis. It makes much better sense for you to come to us for fencing when you need it.

The two main arms of our site fencing service are security fencing and event fencing. We can provide 10 kilometres of our 1.8-metre security fencing in Auckland alone! It’s designed for extra strength because it is manufactured from premium steel, and with a climb-proof mesh that doesn’t have footholds. Each panel of the fence sits in a concrete-filled base and has a clamp at the top to secure it. By using waratahs, braces, or angles, we are able to strengthen the fence-line, which ensures an even more robust installation. If that’s not enough, we should point out that all of our fencing is galvanised to protect it from corrosion and to maintain a professional and presentable appearance while you are using it.

Meanwhile, our event fencing is an essential part of any situation where crowd control is required. Our fixed barrier systems ensure events run smoothly and safely for the public and for event staff alike. They look smart and provide a safe and affordable barrier for spectators to stand behind, without being an eyesore. The security fencing we spoke about earlier works alongside our barriers to make valuable assets more secure and keep non-paying intruders out of the venue, as the bolted clamps prevent tampering or opening of any fence panels.

Importantly, we will deliver and set up the fencing when you need it. Our efficient service means you will never have to wait, so there are no delays in starting work on your site, and no safety and crowd control issues at your event. We are from a building background ourselves, and appreciate that fencing needs to be safe, smart and strong, and delivered on time.

If you require security fencing, or event fencing, or a bit of both, then please contact us. We operate seven days a week and can work with you to provide the most practical and affordable solution for any site. And for even more convenience, enquire about our Portaloo service as well. Our portable toilets are a cut above the rest, and if you need fencing for a construction site or a public event, then it’s likely you’ll require portaloos too. We can help!