Book Your Loo To Jump The Queue

If you’re planning a special outdoor summer event in the City of Sails, we think you should know this: many other people are in the event planning stage too. The things you will require for your open-air event, from caterers to marquees, music to security, will all be in hot demand. We’re in demand too. That’s why, if you want the best Portaloo hire in Auckland,  you should get in touch with us and book as soon as possible.

Our Blue Loos have become increasingly popular because they offer a genuine point of difference from other portable toilets in Auckland. You’ll notice that before you even step inside. Our Blue Loos are dark blue and very classy at first glance. They make a positive impression on guests based on looks alone. But they are just as good once you’re inside. Blue Loos feature freshwater flushing systems, as well as freshwater hand basins and hands-free foot pumps. Plus, they’re equipped with antibacterial soap dispensers, a very welcome addition in these more hygiene-conscious times when we’re all a bit wary about Covid-19.

Existing customers will tell you that our Blue Loos is a far more attractive and hygienic choice when compared to many other Auckland portaloos. For all that, they are still competitively priced even though they don’t use recycled waste to flush like traditional long-drop style portable toilets. This makes our hire toilets much nicer to use. They smell fresh and clean, and with the waste hidden from view by a privacy flap. For an even better user experience, there’s up to 25% more space inside them than others on the market.

For all of these reasons and many more, Blue Loos will be very popular at weddings, birthdays or any other outdoor function being planned in Auckland for this summer. As a rule of thumb you will usually need one toilet per 40 to 50 guests for an evening event with food and beverages. Usage requirements vary greatly with the type of event, open hours and hospitality supplied. Of course, these are the sort of details we can work out for you when you contact us to discuss the nature and size of your event. But don’t delay. If you do want the best portaloos in Auckland for your event, make sure you contact us today!