Our Blue Loos Are Cleaner, Fresher And Healthier

It’s proving to be a very good year and a bit for our Blue Loos. While we wish we didn’t have to live with COVID-19, the pandemic has seen our Portaloo hire in Auckland be perceived in a whole new light. Aucklanders are enjoying the Blue Loo difference – and that difference is very significant.

We’re all much more hygiene-conscious these days when COVID is always on our minds, and even simple things like hand washing have taken on increased importance. And this is where our Blue Loos are beginning to stand out from many other portable toilets in Auckland. COVID-19 has seen an increase in demand for our Blue Loos because our units are freshwater flushing, and also feature freshwater hand basins and hands-free foot pumps. Plus, they’re equipped with antibacterial soap dispensers so anyone who uses them knows their hands will be properly clean when they walk out of a Blue Loo.

For these reasons, Blue Loos are a far more hygienic alternative to many other Auckland portaloos. They remain competitively priced, yet they do not use recycled waste to flush like traditional long-drop style portable toilets. This makes them much nicer, and fresh smelling, with the waste hidden from view by a privacy flap. What’s more, there’s up to 25% more space inside than others on the market.

For all these reasons, Blue Loos are very popular choices at weddings or any outdoor function where everything has to be just right. But it’s not just special events where they’re a smarter, and fresher, choice. They’re common sites on film sets and construction sites; all of our drivers are fully trained, adhere to construction site PPE requirements, and will deliver a superior toilet system backed up with a great weekly service.

If you’re looking for Portaloo hire in Auckland, and think that all portable toilets are the same, please think again. Some are better than others, and that is why you should compare all of the options available to you. You might go for the first company you see, but what they offer might be totally different from what someone else offers. We are the perfect example. We firmly believe that our Blue Loos are the cleaner, fresher and healthier option – and they’re much more spacious too. So for comfort, a more pleasant toilet system, and to allay any hygiene concerns you might have, contact us and ask about Blue Loos.