How do Portaloos Work?

When attending outdoor events, concerts and festivals, or working on film sets and construction sites, you’ve likely encountered portable toilets, commonly known as “portaloos.” These convenient, self-contained restrooms offer a much-needed solution for temporary sanitation needs. Blue Loos provide smart-looking, dark blue loos to suit any occasion.


Basic Structure 

Blue Loos are designed to be self-contained, fully functional portable restrooms. They consist of a sturdy outer shell which provides durability and protection from external elements. Inside, the unit is divided into two sections: the tank and the bowl area. The tank, located beneath the seat, holds waste and water, while the bowl area consists of a toilet seat, a flush mechanism, and a ventilation system.


Waste Management

Portaloos operate on a simple yet efficient waste management system. When a user flushes the toilet, a predetermined amount of water is released into the bowl, initiating the flushing process. Gravity and a seal trap within the unit ensure that waste is effectively contained within the tank. Our fresh-water flush toilets include a separate hand basin with antibacterial liquid soap, have hands-free foot pumps for the toilet and basin and have up to 25% more space inside them than others on the market. Most importantly, the waste is hidden from view by a privacy flap.



To prevent the buildup of unpleasant odours and maintain a comfortable environment, our portaloos incorporate ventilation systems. The venting process relies on natural airflow, drawing fresh air into the toilet through vents. This continuous exchange of air helps to keep the interior fresh, odour-free, and comfortable for users.


Bathroom Blocks

Going above and beyond traditional portaloos, our high-end bathroom blocks fit nicely onto film sets, tailored specifically to the industry’s demands. A hygienic, well-presented bathroom facility gives the feeling of a permanent bathroom.


Regular Maintenance and Servicing 

Proper maintenance and servicing are crucial for the effective operation of portaloos. Our weekly service empties and cleans the waste tanks, replenishes supplies such as toilet paper and hand sanitiser, and ensures the overall functionality and cleanliness of the units. This helps to guarantee a pleasant and hygienic experience for users, regardless of the event or location.


Blue Loos offers a convenient and sanitary solution for temporary restroom needs in Auckland. On average, you need one toilet per 40-50 guests for an evening event with food and beverages. Now you understand their features and how they work, get in touch to discuss hire for your next event or site.