Additional Charges Schedule

Please note the following price list shows additional charges that will be charged where relevant. This schedule does not include the nominated weekly hire rates for portable toilets hire

General ChargesPrice (excluding GST)
Same day cancellation of order$50.00
Set day or time delivery/removal (additional to delivery/removal charge)$50.00
Toilet ChargesPrice (excluding GST)
Relocation on site$50.00
Tip over / Blow over$50.00
Additional service (per toilet)POA
Blockage charge$25.00
Defaced property – paint, concrete, graffiti, sticker removal etc.$25.00
Fencing ChargesPrice (excluding GST)
Site further than 20ms of delivery vehicle$50.00
Labour for extra set up (steep site etc.)TBA – Dependant on site
Fencing Transport FeeCharged for all fencing jobs $55.00
Toilet Damage / Replacement ChargesPrice (excluding GST)
Minimum labour charge$50.00
Total replacement of unit (theft, fire damage or damaged beyond repair)$2,280.00
Front assembly complete$418.60
Door only$251.85
Aluminium door jamb/frame$179.40
Side panel with hatch$223.09
Side panel no hatch$163.30
Rear panel$95.45
Side latch with decal$5.63
Side latch with cover plate$5.52
Toilet seats$39.55
Large fly screen$10.81
Toilet paper dispenser$16.33
Soap dispenser$40.19
Hatch with cover$19.20
Foot pump$167.90
Foot pump rubber cover$21.39
Door mirror$10.81
Inner & outer screen$2.64
Door spring assembly$33.00
Door hinge$10.58
Clip (for retaining door spring)$4.94
Toilet bowl full unit$225.40
Cup flapper valve complete$41.63
Flapper rod pivot$3.33
Prop rod$10.58
Barbed nozzle$4.37
Drain plug$4.45
Sink tap$5.40
Wire bound grey hose$14.49 per metre
Fencing Damage / Replacement ChargesPrice (excluding GST)
Labour chargeDependant on part requiring replacement or repair
Fencing panel$78.20
Support stay (brace)$26.44
Gate wheel & post$41.39