A guide to portaloo hire for weddings

Wedding season is here! Whether you are the bride, the groom, the best man or bridesmaid, father or mother of the bride or groom, you’ll inevitably be called upon for your advice and ideas on how to create the perfect day. What colour suit to wear? What does the perfect dress look like? Cake, music, flowers. All of these little details play a part in bringing together a day to remember for the happy couple.

There are, however, some things that are not given as much thought – usually the logistics of the wedding. Sure, we all love to get caught up in the exciting aspects of a wedding but what good is that if the day isn’t thoroughly planned from top to bottom? We’re always focused on pairing logistical solutions with a touch of class. If you want to provide the highest standard of Portaloo on the market to your customers, staff, or guests look no further than Blue Loos.

Our deluxe, fresh smelling, fresh-water flushing toilets include a separate hand basin with antibacterial liquid soap, have hands free foot pumps for the toilet and basin and have up to 25% more space inside them than others on the market. Most importantly, the waste is hidden from view by a privacy flap.

Our tips:

  • You usually need one toilet per 40-50 guests for an evening event with food and beverages.
  • Multi-day weddings normally require toilets to be serviced daily.
  • Portaloo requirements vary greatly depending on the wedding. Call our team for advice.

Our highly-experienced team has been supplying portable toilets to weddings for years. We’ve been through this thousands of times, so with your bespoke needs and our expert knowledge, we can work together to achieve the perfect, affordable plan this summer. Some other things that may be important to remember are:

  • We do last-minute hire, so it’s never too late to save the day with us
  • Our hire agreements are open-ended. This means you can keep the portaloo on-hire for as long as you need.
  • Our toilets are environmentally friendly. All of our portaloos have a separate freshwater tank which limits the use of chemicals and waste.

Operating through the entire North Island, take a look at our events and weddings portaloo hire options before giving us a call for a quote and to discuss your requirements.